Y-E-L-L-O-W: Happy birthday to Mr Daffodil!

I was born exactly two years ago today. It was the first sunny day after many dark, cold days of winter.

That winter had felt like it would last forever.  But it didn’t, because even the darkest, coldest winter eventually gives way to spring and summer. And here I am, still exploring the world two years later!

I like giving presents on my birthdays. So here is my present to you: the yellowest song I know! And today is my birthday 🙂 woohoo!

It was all yellow!

A whole week is a long time to wait for a new story. But there are so many other exciting things to do during the week! So, while MX Clocktummy and I are writing up our adventures for our Monday Story, we will also be sharing some music with you 🙂 The Friday Song column will usually appear on Fridays, but occasionally on other days, too!

Here’s the first one of Mr Daffodil’s favourite songs: