Leaf 9: A Little Yellow Person in a Big Busy Library

Last week in Leaf 8 we saw Mr Daffodil arriving to the Cowentry University Campus.

Mr Daffodil bathed in the rain drops and admired the fascinating colourful buildings, wondering what amazing scientific adventures were happening inside.

But he could not understand why everyone seemed in such a rush, and why everyone looked sad. Maybe they just did not like the rain?

He went into the Library. It was dry, warm and full of interesting books!

But everybody there was looking just as unhappy…

Perplexed, Mr Daffodil walked around the Library, trying to avoid being stepped on by busy students and lecturers.

He really wanted to talk to someone and find out why everyone was in such a terrible mood.

But the large human figures towering above our little yellow friend were all just rushing about and nobody noticed him.


To Be Continued next Monday…

Leaf 5: The Next Adventure Begins!

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So finally let me tell you what happened after I met Daisy the Cow.

I walked on a bit…

and tried to catch a few sun’s rays in the forest…

I also met a loud group of sky-blue forget-me-nots who were having a lot of fun celebrating somebody’s birthday…

I climbed a steep hill, at the end of which I saw a magnificent view. There was a blue sign saying “WELCOME TO COWENTRY UNIVERSITY”. 

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Leaf 4: Big and Small Things

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So, remember how I was telling you about how I woke up in the Daffodil Field on the day I was born?

It was all yellow! The field was so beautiful. I wanted to see more of it.

I peeked out of my flower a bit more.

Beyond the yellow sea of daffodils there was a sea of green. In front of me was a sign saying “Farm“. And a pathway!

The Daffodil Farm

I walked on the pathway for a while, until I got to a crossroads.

The road to Cowentry

There I saw a helpful green arrow which said “Cowentry way“. This sounded exciting. Maybe it was a village or a town!

I followed the arrow and there, in the sun, on the new mown grass, I saw something standing…


Or, rather, someONE huge.

Someone HUGE!

She didn’t see me at first.


I got closer and said:


She looked up, stopped chewing and said:


This means “Hello” in Cowish. How do I know this? I am not quite sure. I guess all Daffodilfolk are born with the knowledge of other languages!

Distant bells, new mown grass …Smells so sweet

My name is Mr Daffodil! And who are you?“, I asked.


This was Cowish for “Daisy”.

“Nice to meet you, Daisy! You also have a flower name!”


At that point I got slightly scared because what she had said translated loosely as “Yeah… You look tasty!” in Cowish. I noticed that Daisy was in the middle of eating lunch, and that her lunch consisted of some of my relatives, Grasses and Clovers.

But I decided I wouldn’t be a coward. Besides, Daisy seemed quite friendly.

“Daffodils are yellow and friendly, but we are not tasty at all,” I pointed out.

Moo? Mooo-o. Moo,” Daisy said with some disappointment.

What a relief! This meant “Oh, I see. Well, actually, I wasn’t going to eat you anyway, I have a field full of tasty clover pie.”

I’m really glad to hear that! I was only born today!

Moomoo-moomoo-moo-moooo![* Happy birthday, little Daffodil!]

“Happy birthday, little Daffodil!,” said Daisy

Thank you! I’m off to find some adventures now. Goodbye, hope you have a nice day, Daisy!” I said.

M-oo.” I am not entirely sure, but I think she meant “You too, little tasty flower,” or maybe “We said good-bye before we said hello.” Either way, I decided that Daisy was indeed a friendly cow.

She was also very big. Or am I very small?

You only know you are little when you meet something (or someone) very big.

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