RIP Michael Bond, Paddington Bear’s Best Friend.

Michael Bond and Paddington Bear met many years ago, in 1956. Bear was working in a toy shop in London. Michael invited him to over for tea with him and his wife. The Bonds and Bear became life-long friends and had many adventures together. Michael soon wrote his first story about Paddington’s trip to visit his aunt in Peru. Bear enjoyed the story (and the adventurous trip to Peru) so much that Michael kept writing more and more wonderful stories which made Paddington one of the most famous person in the history of Teddy Bears.

Michael has now left for his longest adventure. Paddington is sad to have said goodbye to his best friend. But he has many wonderful memories with Michael – and many happy stories written in Michael’s voice. MX Clocktummy and I are sending our tightest (Clocktummy) and warmest (I) hugs to Pad.

with Paddington Bear (photo by MX Clocktummy)

Mr Daffodil on a walk with Paddington Bear (photo by MX Clocktummy)

Thousands of Daffodils gather at St Paul’s!

Hi everyone,
 I have not written a new story today because I have been very busy these past few days. I have been travelling on important Daffodil business! I am attending the big daffodil event at St Paul’s Cathedral which started last week. Thousands of Daffodils* gathered to support the Marie Curie charity and the nurses who work there. We are supporting an important cause. Marie Curie is a great charity that takes care of very ill people, makes sure they are not alone and helps them feel better.

If you are in London, come by and see us! You’ve most certainly never seen so many Daffodils in one place. And you can hear stories from nurses and patients and pick up a daffodil pin.

He are some pictures!

Yours sunnily,

Mr Daffodil

* 2100 Daffodils, to be precise. That isn’t as many as “thousands” but is very impressive and beautiful nevertheless. Very yellow.

 MX Clocktummy